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So long, WordPress!

Once again in my endless consistency, I've decided to get rid of WordPress in favour of a custom system. This is a continuation to stuff I described in the "Personal" website post. I'm working on a redesign of the website, this is only a temporary slate to facilitate the removal of WordPress.

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I'm gonna disable comments for a while, I keep getting posts from very disturbing spambots. If you have anything you wish to share regarding a post, mail me or scream at me on Twitter.

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Why we can't have nice things

You may have noticed that since about a week or two/three ago the bots have stopped posting, well this wasn't by choice.

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Cleaning house

I've decided to take a somewhat controversial decision in regards to the public status of most of my projects. I currently feel a pretty huge personal pressure for high quality standards while my larger projects are public on GitHub which is making programming for these projects a drag rather than a fun hobby, so until further notice I'll keep the larger ones in private until I feel comfortable with them being public again.

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"Personal" website

This is going to be a short post, but it's better than nothing (oops).

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