This page describes changes that have been made between versions of Top Most Friend.

v1.6.0 —

[+] Added localisation system.

[+] Added Dutch language support.

[+] Added a first-run window that runs the user through common configuration options on first start.

[+] Added an option to revert top most states to before Top Most Friend edited it upon closing the program. Thank you Fransiscu for the idea and a reference implementation!

[+] Added the option to start Top Most Friend with Windows on log in.

[*] TopMostFriend will only run as administrator when necessary rather than always. Though, an option to always run as administrator still remains.

[*] Changed order of toggle options in the settings window.

[*] Windows created by Top Most Friend are now always on top themselves, obviously you can alter this again with the hot key if you want to.

[*] Altered layout of the blacklist editor slightly to make it look more natural.

v1.5.1 —

[*] Fixed massive oversight.

v1.5.0 —

[+] Added toggle to disable the window list in the context menu.

[+] Added manual refresh button for the window list.

[*] Greatly improved window list loading speed.

v1.4.2 —

[+] Added ability to bind the Windows key for the hotkey combination.

v1.4.1 —

[*] Fixed oversight in initial title blacklist generation on Windows Vista and 7.

v1.4.0 —

[+] Added hotkey indicator, if used the notification area icon will temporarily change to the affected window's icon.

[-] Removed hidden ShowExplorerMisc registry switch, explorer windows are now just listed like any other.

[-] Removed static exclusion for windows with the title Program Manager or Start.

[+] Added manual title blacklisting system, titles in the previously mentioned change are added to it by default but can be removed if desired.

v1.3.0 —

[+] Added notification balloon on hotkey toggle, disabled by default on Windows 10 and beyond.

[-] Removed useless left click handler.

v1.2.0 —

[+] Added option to always ask for admin on start.

[+] Added error message when topmost toggle fails, if it fails and the process isn't running as administrator it'll ask to elevate.

[+] Added --reset-admin cli flag to revert always admin status.

[+] Added --hwnd= cli flag which allows for toggling a window's topmost status immediately. Used by the elevation prompt.

[+] Added --stop cli flag to close the program after processing cli flags.

v1.1.0 —

[+] Added ability to register a hotkey to toggle the currently active window between always on top and not.

[+] Added a couple registry values for customisation and hidden list items.

[*] Ensuring that only one instance is running.

v1.0.0 —

[+] Initial Release.

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