122 scripts indexed
0chPerlDead0.7.4zerochplusmirrorlast update was in 2013 so it's either dead or really fucking stable (it's probably not the latter)
img0chPerlDead3.1.11zerochplusmirrorlast update in 2010, probably not a good idea to use this. also japanese
Anonymous Image BoardPHPDead4.0Aimboxnoneactually a WordPress plugin, not 100% about the credibility of it though
backyardPHPDead0.0.5Unknownmirrorcode looks like shit
BayleafASP.NETDeadr33konomemirrorAnother Futaba-like imageboard but written using .NET 4.0, there doesn't seem to be a demo or a website that uses this script.
BlazeChanPHPDead54a941fmission712nonea work in progress, seems to be dead
C-BOARDPerlDead3.8Wajett Systemsmirrorthis is actually a modded version
ClairePHPAliven/aClaire RedfieldmirrorAppears to be very loosely based on TinyIB, looks like it could be something although the code could do with a little more indenting in some places.
CynthiaPHPDead02e1Unknownnonejapanese script, couldn't spot a download link
Doushionode.jsAlive0.3.1Lal'Cmirroruses Redis as a datastore
ElectronPerlDead0.7b3TaizounoneElectron is probably the most obscure old script that I have seen, it is mentioned once on shii.org and once on wakaba.c3.cx.
ExcelisPHPDead1.13Kazermirroromg smilies
FoolFuukaPHPAlive2.2.1woxxymirrormade for archiving *boards, very fast
FrikichanPHPDead1.2axeleimirrorAppears to be a typical imageboard with a meta-site style voting system for posts.
AfrochanPHPAliven/aUnknownproprietaryProprietary fork of Nelliel.
FutabaPHPDead051031Futaba Channelmirrorhistorical, used on Futaba Channel and internally updated but not released anymore
FutallabyPHPDead040103Futaba Channel/thatdogmirrorDEAD, 4chan originally used this.
GazouBBSPHPDeadv3.3Let's PHP!mirrorthe original script, futaba was based on this. if i deciphered the jap properly it was last updated in 2012
NellielPHPAlivev0.9b-r5Unknownnone yetIn use on nigrachan, looks like a pretty decent Futallaby rewrite.
Pixmicat!PHPAlive8 rel 4various developersmirrorTaiwanese script based on GazouBBS
SaguaroPHPDead0.98.3b4spootmirrorFork of Futallaby, not sure why you'd use a GazouBBS based image board in 2015+ but whatever. Haven't tested it.
SchwarzsilberPHPDead0.91KolyamirrorFork of Futaba, has an executable called 'gif2png' and comes with spam protection
SiokaraPHPDead1.04aUnknownmirrorHasn't been updated since 2004, seems to be based on futaba from screenshots
Super Tiny Image Board SoftwarePHPDead678ebd3314parleynoneanother board based on good ol' futallaby
TerriblyPHPDead110811tannerbondynoneBasically a heavily modded version of Futallaby with an extended administration panel and some Kusaba-like features. Repository seems to have died.
WoodfoxPHPDead0.3.9"Eric"mirrorFork of Schwarzsilber.
YotsubaPHPAlive???team 4chanindex.php mirror4chan's script. Proprietary, but there was a source code leak (mirror)
YotsubanomePHPDead???sparkynoneFork of Pixmicat!. A piece of shit written by a retarded weeaboo autist.
Gazo-CHPHPDead???Unknownnoneunknown, uncertain of existence
gibsonnode.jsDeaddeadthewiznoneanother dead script, emulates pre-internet BBSen with a JS console
Ha ChanPHPDead1.07Federico Ramírezmirrorlol flatfiles
Hanakonode.jsAlive1.0.0Vladimir37nonecovers a lot of features and focuses on scalability
himgbHaskellDead???UnknownmirrorU MENA HASKAL
Insecure BoardBashDeadn/asavetheinternetmirrorAn imageboard written in bash, its name gives a hint that it's not the most secure script.
ichiroRubyDeadn/atslocummirrorDo I need to give one?
IgniumPHPDead170709iignotusmirrorwebsite is beautiful
ImageBoardPHPDead1.2.3Unknownmirrori don't even
img2PHPDead061610Gareth Smithnonesite redirects to google so i'm assuming it's dead
imgboard.cgiPerlDead1.22to-rumirror, charset fuckedquite popular in japan
Infinity NextPHPAliven/ajoshmirrorA rewrite for the 8chan script and possibly the first MVC imageboard.
iyagi-bbsPythonAlive1.4153nonea 2ch style textboard script
Joyful NotePerlAlive6.0kent-webmirrora japanese script, i think i've seen a similar board before
KakahaPHPDeadr21luzamirroruses SQLite backend, repository got deleted got linked to a github repository
KarehaPerlDead3.1.4!WAHa_06x36mirrorA 2channel style text board. From what I've heard is one of the best ones out there.
K-BoardPerlDead1.9Unknownmirrorexperimental features
kotoba-ibPHPDeadr522airflow83nonerussian, couldn't find a proper download
AnonsabaPHPDead2.1GrumpyDON'T!!DO NOT USE!! Fork of Kusaba X, there were rumors of Grumpy backdooring it.
EdahaPHPDeadn/aharrisonrepo dump!!DO NOT USE!! An attempt to unshit Kusaba X, dead (and equally shit).
HydrogenFXPHPDeadBeta 9 FXjizzazolanein!!DO NOT USE!! Fork of Serissa.
KusabaPHPDead1.0.4tslocumdon't!!DO NOT USE!! Originally known as Trevorchan, it was written by Trevor. He knew it was shit, so he abandoned it. tl;dr HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Kusaba XPHPDead0.9.3harrisondo not!!DO NOT USE!! Everyone's favourite script to make a 4chan ripoff with. Appears to be dead, nothing of value was lost!
Kusaba-2PHPDeadunreleasedservunreleased!!DO NOT USE!! First fork of Kusaba after Trevor gave up. Dead.
PonychanPHPDead???Ponychandead!!DO NOT USE!! Another fucking fork of Kusaba X. For horsefuckers, by horsefuckers.
SerissaPHPDead1.2Ohno!!DO NOT USE!! Another fork of Kusaba. Unsurprisingly it's dead.
ShimonosekiPHPDeadd660abctreeofsephirothmirror!!DO NOT USE!! a bland Kusaba X rewrite in other words possibly exploitable
TenshichanPHPDeadd2d7438treeofsephirothmirror!!DO NOT USE!! don't know how much this differs from shimonoseki but i don't care either
arcNETPHPDead42Laurelainee!!DO NOT USE!! Fork of Kusaba X used on NekoArc's old boards. Hasn't been updated in 2 years.
livechannode.jsAliven/aemgram769mirrorself-styled, IRC-like
Lucid TeaPHPDeadr3Qiming Zengmirrorlevel of completion undetermined
LynxChannode.jsAlive1.4.0stephenlynxmirrorruns on node.js and is designed with modularity in mind
MacroPerlDead0.5.1mr vilenoneI literally know nothing about this script and it doesn't help that the site hosting it is down.
MatsubaPythonDead01f2650Storlekno mirror (yet)100% UNMAINTAINED AND UNSUPPORTED! -README.md
mconvPerlDead1.2.7ivarchmirrorlast updated in 2004, archaic
megucanode.jsAlive1.2.4bakapemirrora realtime script written in node.js, demo site looks pretty cute and it's in really active development
mewBBSCDead4.9Yuto Ikenomirrorvery, very old
miniboardPerlDead1.1Yuto Ikenononealso very old (1997!)
MikichPHPDead???SYNchanproprietarySYNchan's script
minibbsPerlDead10.32CGI RESCUEmirrornipponese
MitsubaPHPAliven/aDesunekomirrorMade from scratch, has a module system and read-only API.
NaranaiPHPDeadr50Ikimashou (?)mirrordanbooru-type image script
negotoRubyAlive728b657steinuilnonean imageboard written in ruby and sinatra (no rails!)
ninechanPHPDead2.0flashwavemirrormy personal first php+mysql experiment, updated it through the years up until mid-2015
NitPickPHPDead???Ere WhitehousenoneBaby's first PHP script. Erespace spammed it everywhere and the website was hacked. He also wanted people to pay for it (lol).
nntpchanGoAlive0.4.0majestratenoneuses a NNTP daemon to decentralise hosting
ochanJavaDead1.0.0UnknownmirrorENTERPRISE QUALITY
OchibaPHPDead1.2.1ochibamirrorphoto album/imageboard hybrid
OekakiBBSPerlDead2.83UnknownmirrorJava and Perl-based BBS which allows users to draw on a canvas and post like a normal image. The download link provided is for an older version. (1.32e)
p2pchanPythonDead???tslocummirrorTREVOR IS AT IT AGAIN! heard that this is windows only, not going to try it regardless
PerlHP-bbsPerlDead???hotaru2k3mirrori would say something like "it's probably going to be better than kusaba" but that doesn't really mean anything does it now
PyIBPythonAliver66tslocummirrorwritten by the same autist that wrote kusaba but this time in a shittier language !
weabotPythonDeada3r2z411mirrorappears to be based on PyIB, so i wouldn't trust it
RakuhanaPHPDead???UnknownnoneNever released?
Regular BoardPHPAlive5.4.9.8onebillionnonegithub page is gone
SatokoPHPAlive5aca872flashwavenonemy own imageboard script
scalingninjaRubyDeadn/aAlice Jenkinsonmirrornothing but a vanilla rails application at the current moment forever.
ShiichanPHPDead3960ShiimirrorTextboard script by Shii, recommends you use Kareha instead. Was in use at world4ch and dis.4chan.org.
teechanPHPDeadn/atslocummirrorA continuation of Shiichan by our Imageboard© Entrepreneur™ Trevor. Wouldn't trust this script seeing that this guy has a reputation.
ShimmiePHPAlive2.5.1ShishmirrorShimmie is a tag-based image board system like Danbooru.
sshchanPythonDead6821724chibinonea teletext inspired textboard that runs through ssh
sshchan-functionalHaskellDeadd6379bUndo-allnonea pseudo-implementation of sshchan in haskell
sshchan-oopPythonDeadf8ff0f8makosnoneoop version of sshchan. says its outdated and to look at the oop branch of sshchan instead
sshchan-webPythonDead0.3.2blha303nonea web interface implementation of sshchan
SweetnoteDead???SweetnoteproprietarySeems to be kind of like a reddit style 'users can make their own boards' kind of thing, code is proprietary.
Tablecat BBSPerlDead20140318"maiko"mirrorA very lightweight textboard written in perl. VIP QUALITY.
emanonPerlAlive727486foprelnonea 2ch style textboard based on tablecat, seemingly alive
MkakikomitaiPerlDead0.73Tackymirrorwhy do japs still design their sites like it's 2003
TackynotePerlDead0.996Tackymirrorwebsite hurts my eyes
TaimabaPHPAlive???kirtanerproprietary420chan's script
DrydockPHPDeadrev291drydocknonebased on thorn, code hurts my standards (kek) and appears to be dead
ThornPHPDead11b9Albrightmirrorvery, very old
TinyBBPerlAlive???hotaru2k3can't be botheredhas multiple versions, the one that seems to be still be updated is TinyBB4
TinyboardPHPDeadv0.9.6-dev-22savetheinternetmirrorA very nice script. Secure, fast, and lots of features looks like ass though. Seems to be dead now.
infinityPHPAliven/a8chanmirror8chan's script. A vichan fork permitting users to create their own boards.
vichanPHPAlive4.9.92vichan-develmirrorA fork of Tinyboard with even more features, seems to be the best alternative now that to original is dead.
BraskitPHPAliven/afrankusrsmirrorOriginally based on TinyIB but the code is almost completely different, it also actually looks clean and not too bad.
TinyIBPHPAlive1.5tslocummirroranother gem by trevor
tinyib-mappyPHPDead20120311ivysaurnonetries to be a "respectable take on imageboards", whatever that means. doesn't appear to have been updated since 2012
µchanPythonAlive02c0404Floensnonesmall, dynamic and similar to infinity where anyone can create boards
upppyPHPDead???peppyproprietaryajax/php/sql based, uses flash for the submission form for some reason
GlaukabaPerlDeadn/amarlencrabapplemirrorwakaba fork with a lot of new changes
WakabaPerlDead3.0.9!WAHa_06x36mirrorAn imageboard script by the creator of Kareha.
Wakaba++PerlDead???Lurkmore GroupnoneProprietary script, fork of Wakaba. Used on the Lurkmore imagboards (chansluts, malegeneral, intern3ts, etc.)
desuchanPerlDeadrev 168k-anonnoneforked from wakaba, lots of changes
wakarimasenPythonAlive1.1k-anonmirrorwakaba-compatible, low memory usage, extended admin panel, seems to be alive according to the github repository
WeeaboardunknownDead???DarkimmortalnoneI have not seen or used this script.
werchanrcAlive1.5kfarwellnonean imageboard based on werc
Yamada IBPHPDead???Yamadanonecan't find anything regarding it
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