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Top Most Friend is the next instalment in the friend family of utilities. This friend runs in your system notification area and allows you to force any visible window of any process to always be on top with a simple right click menu or the press of a hotkey.

Download for .NET Framework 4.0 (this is not a permalink, SHA256: 31290efe7874a3e9eda78abe5498ec3a99c0022d4ae4c53ada922a6ef4855407)



Added ability to bind the Windows key for the hotkey combination.


Fixed oversight in initial title blacklist generation on Windows Vista and 7.


Added hotkey indicator, if used the notification area icon will temporarily change to the affected window's icon.
Removed hidden ShowExplorerMisc registry switch, explorer windows are now just listed like any other.
Removed static exclusion for windows with the title Program Manager or Start.
Added manual title blacklisting system, titles in the previously mentioned change are added to it by default but can be removed if desired.


Added notification balloon on hotkey toggle, disabled by default on Windows 10 and beyond.
Removed useless left click handler.


Added option to always ask for admin on start.
Added error message when topmost toggle fails, if it fails and the process isn't running as administrator it'll ask to elevate.
Added --reset-admin cli flag to revert always admin status.
Added --hwnd= cli flag which allows for toggling a window's topmost status immediately. Used by the elevation prompt.
Added --stop cli flag to close the program after processing cli flags.


Added ability to register a hotkey to toggle the currently active window between always on top and not.
Added a couple registry values for customisation and hidden list items.
Ensuring that only one instance is running.


Initial Release